November 5, 2017 Sermon - RBC
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Scripture Reading: John 3:1-21

Evangelism of Jesus

John 3:1-21—Nicodemus

3:2--ignores flattery

3:3--asks a question that has nothing to with anything Nic said.

3:10—Jesus gives slight ridicule about his ignorance

3:12—Jesus questions why He should even tell him anything, he doesn’t get earthly things, how will he understand spiritual things?

3:16—faith in Christ saves

3:18-19—speaks of condemnation

--no mention of Nicodemus’ reaction. Shows up later in book appearing to be a believer—John 7:50—asks chief priests and Pharisees to give Jesus an honest trial.

John 19:39—brings a hundred pound weight of myrrh and aloes for Christ’s burial.


John 4:5-26—Woman at the well

4:7—opens conversation by telling her to serve Him!

4:10-15—speaks metaphorically about living water, which she has no clue about.

4:16-19—changes subject to talk about her promiscuity.

4:22—calls her and the Samaritans ignorant

4:26—one of the clearest statements from Jesus Christ about who he is to anyone.

4:39—because of her testimony, many in the city believe


John 6:32-66—eat my flesh

6:32-34—speaks of spiritual bread, they hear physical. Miss metaphor.

6:43—confronts their murmuring

6:51-52—alludes that they should eat Him, which confuses them.

6:53-58—Jesus explicitly says to eat His flesh and drink His blood.

6:60—even His disciples were confused by this

6:61—does this offend you? Confronts their confusion and murmuring

6:64—calls out their unbelief

6:66—Jesus lost a lot of followers with this talk.


John 8:1-11--Woman caught in Adultery

8:6—Jesus doesn’t even say anything to them

8:7—how long did He wait? Then condemns them all.

8:11—mentions nothing about faith, who He is, the cross, water or bread! Just he won’t condemn, now go and sin no more.


John 8:13-30—Jesus talking about Himself and many believe

8:13—Jesus is immediately attacked.

8:19—Jesus says He is His own witness, which doesn’t really work!

8:21-22—He’ll go where they can’t come, which no one understands

8:25—plainly asked who he is, He doesn’t tell them

8:28—vague mention of the cross

8:30—even still, many believed


John 8:31-59—those who believed now want to kill Him

8:31—Jesus challenges their profession of faith

8:43—Jesus tells them they have no idea what He’s talking about

8:44—says their father is the devil

8:48—accuse Jesus of being demon possessed

8:57—Jews think He’s crazy

8:58—uh-oh! Claim to deity!

8:59—those who professed to believe in Him now want to stone Him to death.


Luke 10:25-37—the lawyer.

10:25—lawyer comes insincerely to test Him

10:26—Jesus tells him to find salvation, consult the law

10:28—tells him salvation is by doing the law

10:29—man seeks to justify himself, find a loophole

10:37—salvation is by showing others mercy


Luke 18:17-25—rich young ruler and right before is receiving as a child

18:19—Jesus dismisses flattery

18:20—again says salvation is by doing law

18:21—claims perfection before the law

18:22—Jesus does not argue his claim, instead tells him salvation is by giving all his stuff to the poor

18:23—went away sorrowful

18:24—Jesus says rich people mostly won’t make it in


Luke 20:27-40—answers question about resurrection, tells them they know nothing.
They ask a stupid question, but Jesus answers very seriously and theologically.

20:39—even one of the scribes admits this was an excellent answer

20:40—they promptly forget their other questions!

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