Here is our plan for church until something changes with the Covid shutdown:

Feel free to contact me with any ideas about fellowship. As the weather improves (ha), maybe getting together for an outdoor activity. I can preach from a boat perhaps. I even rejoined Facebook to make it easier to be contacted! That, my friends, is how much your pastor loves you.

Just to clarify: when i said not getting together face to face to chat about Jesus, I meant some sort of facetime internet collaboration video thing. That's weird. I'm all for getting together in person to do so, just not 10 or more at a time and doing it on the internet is awkward and annoying and I have no interest in doing that!

Check below for updated messages for the duration of our quarantine thinger.

March 22, 2020

Bible Study (click to listen)

Sunday Morning Sermon

March 25, 2020

Wednesday Night (click to listen)

March 29, 2020

Bible Study

Sunday Morning Sermon

April 1, 2020

Wednesday Night

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